We Specialize in Family Enterprise.

We are Family Enterprise Specialists. Our principal, Alan Isaacson, has the highly specialized designation of Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA), earned through UBC’s Sauder School of Business and the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors. This is a designation that recognizes the highest levels of skill and experience dealing with the intricacies of succession planning for family businesses.

Our expertise and credentials go beyond succession and estate planning, encompassing comprehensive wealth management for the family business.  By partnering with Commercial Account Managers, Investment Advisors and client advisors such as accountants and lawyers, we develop solutions that encompass personal and corporate investment portfolios, tax planning, and cash and risk management.

Our vision is for Canadian family businesses to be successfully passed on to the next generation 100% of the time.  We believe that the only path to this vision is one of mutually deep understanding, as expressed in our mission: To deeply understand our clients’ lives, and to help them deeply understand how our concepts can help them.

And nothing would be possible without a profound investment of time in building this understanding and hence trust, as articulated in Isaacson Financial’s core purpose: To earn the trust of family businesses on their schedule – not ours.

Where does our passion for family business come from?  From 75 years of experience running our own.

Because we are, after all, In business for generations™.

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