There have been failures, but there have been many more successes. And you want to keep it that way.

Most family businesses – 70% of them – fail to successfully pass to the second generation. By the third generation, the failure rate becomes a staggering 92%.

But you can buck the odds – just like you’ve defied the percentages to get your family business to where it is now: high net worth and thriving. And potentially in position, when the time is right, to pass on to your next generation.

If the planning is done right, and if the family dynamic is deeply understood.

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Our Core Purpose

To earn the trust of family businesses on their schedule – not ours.

Our Vision

For Canadian family businesses to be successfully passed on to the next generation 100% of the time.

Our Mission

To deeply understand our clients’ lives, and to help them deeply understand how our concepts can help them.

  • How are Jim and Beth going to treat their kids fairly?  Find out
  • How will David and Margaret divide their business among their kids?  Here's their story
  • Rick and Debbie don't know if their kids want to run the family business.  What will they do?
  • We Specialize in Family Enterprise.
  • You will successfully pass on your family business - if the family dynamic is deeply understood.
  • We’re In business for generations.™